Boost Your Glow: 5 Skin-care Resolutions for the New Year

Another year ahead, another year older. But wait, there's good news! Just because we're heading into 2017 doesn't mean you need to look any less youthful. Instead, look for ways to boost your glow, and consider our top five New Year's resolutions for your skin-care regime.

New Year's Resolutions for Skin:

  1. Get 2 BBL Treatments a Year

    What the heck is a BBL Treatment? Short for "broadband light," this light-based skin treatment works wonders when it comes to targeting specific skin challenges like sun spots, large pores, uneven skin tone or poor skin texture. In addition, BBL boosts your natural collagen, which coincides with a beautiful new glow. Read more about BBL Treatments, and book a free consultation in Vancouver for 2017. (Psst: Pre-spring is the perfect time for a BBL.)
  2. Start Using a Night Cream

    Not many people know that skin functions differ from day to night, just as the environment does. During the day your skin requires protection from the sun. At night, when your skin kicks into recovery mode, the majority of cell turnover and regeneration occurs during your deepest REM sleep. Night creams have different ingredients, including such anti-aging agents as retinol, glycolic acid, salicyclic acid and retinyl acetate, which assist in increasing your skin's natural turnover. Night creams do not contain SPF, and tend to be heavier and more hydrating than day lotions. Among our favourite night creams are these Antipodes night cream minis.
  3. Start Using an Eye Cream

    After the age of 25 skin-care professionals recommend wearing a daily eye cream due to the fact that the skin surrounding the eyes is fragile, prone to dryness and one of the first areas to show aging and fatigue. In addition, squinting, laughing and other facial movements that wrinkle the skin around the eyes can cause crow's feet and other dynamic wrinkles. Fluids also collect under the eyes, causing dark circles and puffiness. Luckily, all of this can be addressed with a good daily eye cream like Antipodes kiwi seed oil eye cream.
  4. Wear a Daily SPF

    Did you know that most premature aging can be blamed on exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun? That said, a daily SPF is the true key to battling a majority of age-related skin issues. You can incorporate a daily SPF simply and easily, in a way that suits your lifestyle, by choosing a moisturizer with a minimum of 32+ sun protection.
  5. Exfoliate Three Times a Week

    Regular exfoliation should be a part of everyone's routine, especially during harsh winter weather that can lead to dry, uneven skin. Why make regular exfoliation a part of your New Year's skin-care resolutions? Well, it helps to keep the outermost layer of your skin penetrable to your skin-care products, meaning you can avoid dry, flaky skin. It also helps to prevent acne, poor skin texture and large pore sizes, and brings you a natural glow. Get the best mechanical exfoliation with a Clarisonic Facial Sonic Cleanser.
These five simple skin-related New Year's resolutions will not only revolutionize your skin's health, but will also grant you a youthful glow that can easily revolutionize your entire world! Happy 2017!

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