You are What You Eat: Brighten Your Skin From the Inside Out

We've heard the saying before, but how does our diet actually impact our physical appearance? After consulting with our team of skin and health specialists, we're more certain than ever that we are what we eat. Here's how you can achieve a radiant glow by brightening your skin from the inside out.

The Science Behind Beautiful Skin

Turns out, achieving a healthy glow and clear complexion is as much about the food you're eating as it is about the products you're using. Since skin requires certain nutrients to maintain its health - not to mention, elasticity to prevent wrinkles - it's possible to achieve beautiful skin by adjusting your diet.

The Right Diet

Foods that support fabulous skin include antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables (think leafy greens and blueberries) and the hydrating, healthy fats found in fish (to keep your cells strong and elastic). Olive oil, tomatoes and red wine can also assist in achieving beautiful skin: these treats contain antioxidants to increase your skin's natural SPF and help you avoid damage related to the sun.

Anti-Aging Supplements

Besides adjusting your diet, taking an anti-aging or skin-health supplement can also work wonders. Containing the powerful nutrients that healthy, vibrant skin loves in a single daily dose, Glisodin Advanced Anti-Aging/Dermal Formula is taken orally and brightens your skin from the inside out (in fact, studies show that after three months of taking the supplement, participants saw fine lines and wrinkles improve by 42 percent, photodamage decrease by 53 percent, skin moisture improve by 103 percent and skin elasticity improve by 88 percent!).

Purge Toxins With a Detox

Toxins and free radicals in the body can be damaging to your health and your skin's appearance, which is why adding antioxidants to your diet is so important. If you're feeling particularly weighed down by a slip in your diet, lifestyle or exercise routine, a detox can help get you back on track - and give you an energy boost and more beautiful skin, to boot! Glisodin Advanced Detoxification/Cleansing Formula can help with blemished, discoloured or dull skin, plus premature aging caused by poor health and oxidative stress. Beautiful skin can be certainly be achieved from the inside out, starting with these three simple steps. Start shopping here for all of the best and most natural beauty products to help support your healthy skin goals!

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