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Everything You Need to Know About Antioxidants

Everything You Need to Know About Antioxidants

The buzz around antioxidants seems to ebb and flow. There seem to be offers for assessments or hand scans in seemingly random places like ophthalmology clinics, gyms or spas. It all seems to raise questions but not offer a lot of answers. The non-invasive tests don’t really offer comprehensive results but can be great money making gimmicks. It probably makes more sense to learn a little bit and invest your time and money in eating and supplementing well.


The Basics of Antioxidants

How about we back up and share a bit of antioxidant 101. Antioxidants are compounds that our body produces and are found in food that fight free radicals. You might be familiar with some antioxidants like Vitamin C and beta-carotene. Perhaps on the side of a cereal box you have noticed manganese or selenium. There are many, many more. Free radicals can be a few things. They can be formed as byproducts of the chemical reactions that process sunlight and food, as well as how the processes that protect the body from pollution, alcohol, x-rays and processed food. Free radicals aren’t necessarily a problem but modern life leads tends to favour the creation of free radicals rather than a balance of them with antioxidants. The lack of balance leads to damage in our cells, tissues and DNA. Long-term imbalances have been linked to heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimers.


How Antioxidants Help And Where To Find Them

Antioxidants can help repair the damage of free radicals , protect cells from future damage and, sort of, “neutralize” free radicals from damaging in the first place. There are many antioxidants that the body produces, however, its ability to do so declines with age. A healthy and diverse diet, along with nutrition supplements can make up to the increasing deficit. One of the best ways to focus your diet on antioxidants is to think of “eating the rainbow.” Foods rich in deep colours are usually rich in antioxidants. Berries, dark leafy greens and herbs are excellent sources. It’s not always easy to meet those antioxidant needs and there are excellent supplements to add.


Supplements Worth Checking Out

    • Organic Traditions Probiotic Super Greens With Turmeric Blend is an amazing blend of nutrient-dense greens and grasses. It has superfoods like Chlorella and Spirulina. The blend also has pre and probiotics. All and all it has powerful young, green grasses that contain an abundance of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The addition of Acacia Gum prebiotic fiber makes this an all- in- one pre and probiotic blend thereby making this a synbiotic superfood greens formula
    • Pukka Supreme Matcha Green is a great choice that improves your health while you simply sip a cup of tea. It combines three green teas with superfood matcha. It’s a tiny change to your normal routine that will have long term benefits.
    • Consider adding this Landish Spirulina Nutritional Shake blend of spirulina and seed protein powders to your diet. Good tasting, balanced, digestible, no bloating, no sugar added, no sweeteners like stevia, a complete amino acid profile, and a level of naturally occuring nutrient density that you won’t find in other protein powders—including tons of B-vitamins, iron, magnesium, and iodine which contribute to maintaining healthy energy levels. This powder has light vanilla taste that combines
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