JoyVIVA Product Champions featuring Road Cycling Apparel

JoyVIVA Founder & WOW Ride Domestique, Angie Buonassisi and our special guest, Oliva, are discussing their favourite Road Cycling products with us today and all of the reasons why they love the products they do! As a featured sponsor of the WOW Ride Cycling club, and active cyclists ourselves, we have really tried and tested a vast variety of cycling brands and products.

Rehydrate and replenish lost sodium with Precision Hydration

Precision Hydration is an amazing brand for anyone who is doing any types of endurance sport, especially those involving heat and sweating. They come in a few different sodium doses ranging from 500 to 1500 depending on how much sweat you produce. The sleek product design makes it ideal for adding to your water bottle on the go.

Pearl Izumi Gloves & Shoes for all the members of your family

One of the features we love about the Pearl Izumi Elite Gel Glove is the gel padding on the palm on the hand for extra comfort during longer rides, and better protection against the elements. They are breathable and come in a variety of colours and patterns. When it comes to kids gloves, Pearl Izumi has it all figured out. The Pearl Izumi Select Kids Glove is an adorable kids glove that is both fun to wear as well as being extremely comfortable. The reason we love these for kids is the added safety and protection they offer against injury while still allowing them to challenge and push themselves on their bikes. Pearl Izumi also has a wide range of shoes for cycling, spin and more. The unique thing about their road shoes is the patented BOA system, which allows you to tighten and release the shoes very quickly and efficiently. The shoe featured in the video above is the Pearl Izumi Women’s ELITE Road v5 cycling shoes

Stay Stylish on the Road with Ryders Eyewear

Ryders is an amazing, local brand with a wide range of eyewear solutions that keep your eyes protected while allowing you to stay trendy. They have many lens features including polarized, anti fog, UVA and UVB protection and even more.

Hugs and Kisses for the Sugoi XO Kit

All of the pieces of the Sugoi kit are very well coordinated without being too "matchy matchy". The Sugoi jersey includes zap technology which makes it so that you can be easily recognized by vehicles as a person for added safety. The matching bib shorts feature the "free to pee" or pit stop technology which means you can easily stop for a bathroom break quickly and get back on the road. The Sugoi XO Arm Bands are also a great way to protect your arms from the sun while on a long ride.

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