What's in my cycling kit? The May edition

Your May biking kit still needs to be about layers

These days it seems impossible to pick the right biking kit for the day. British Columbia is living up to its nickname: the wet coast. We are still solidly in Spring riding conditions and sometimes it feels like early spring. Heck - the local hills got 32 cm of snow last week but it was sunny and warm on the weekend. Your May biking kit still needs to be about layers. Think lighter and packable.



May biking kit

I am loving my Sugoi RS jacket. I just picked it up. It is feather light which makes it easily packable. The designers at Sugoi were thinking ahead with this one: the back cargo pocket converts to a packable pouch. Just tuck the coat in and use the attached velcro straps to hang it from your seat or cross bar. Love it.


Biking kit item: Sugoi RS jacket packed up and the cute details on the Sombrio Lily glove. The jacket is thin so you may want to consider keeping your other layers on, like a baselayer and arm warmers.



With a bit less rain and warmer winds, consider adding a full finger glove to your biking kit. The full coverage will keep you warm but you won’t need to switch them out mid-ride if the sun decides to show its face. My little guy picked the Sombrio Lily Glove for my birthday. I think he was drawn to mom’s favourite colour (purple!) and the cheeky mustache and lip prints on the fingers. His seven-year-old self made a good choice. They have Kevlar throughout to help protect your skin from roadrash and comfortable, stretchy design.


A vest can be one of the most flexible items in your biking kit. Quick to throw on in iffy weather. Easy to tuck away. The addition of a vest over a thin jacket like the Sugoi RS can turn it from three-season wear to all-year round. I chose a Sugoi vest with full windbreaking fabric on the front and an airy mesh on the back. I like how it keeps me warm yet still breathes really well.



Biking kit item: Pearl Izumi Unisex Thermal Run Hat - Screaming Pink

It is sad to say but the weather has been so rough another essential has been a thin hat under my helmet. I like my club toque because it is warm without bulk and can be easily tucked in a jersey pocket once the sun comes out or you warm up. Make sure you adjust your helmet to safely fit over your hat and re-adjust when you take the hat off. Having your helmet slide off to save 10 seconds is a silly reason to get injured.


Toe covers

I have transitioned to toe covers on my shoes. The rain has meant shoecovers are still being used occasionally but the toe covers are a permanent part of my biking kit this month. The crisp mornings have made them essential. I am trying out these latex covers from Velotoze. I am still on the fence about them. They are easy to put on and keep my toes warm but they aren’t wearing as well as I would like. I think I would choose something more like the Pearl Izumi ones in the future.



Without a doubt the best way to beat this poor weather and all its mandatory layers is with a really awesome pair of socks! There are some amazing choices out there - any bike shop will have a wall of funky footcovers and most cyclists like to showoff their personality on their ankles. A funky pair will get a compliment from fellow riders every time. I love this colourful custom pair from WowRide Cycling Club (pictured in the main image) but anything cheerful will beat the spring greys any day. If patterns aren’t your thing there are lots of simple bright options available.

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