You had me at chamois - why I love Sugoi.

I went through a lot of shorts when I started riding. My first pair was the second cheapest pair offered at a sports superstore. I didn’t know any better. My second pair was the cheapest pair from a cycling shop. Apparently I still didn’t know any better. Then my first coached mentioned Sugoi was having a warehouse sale. Since I was an obvious sucker for a deal I went. And. Loaded. Up. It were the shorts that changed my riding. I fell in love with the RS Pro Shorts. My cycling stash is now home to about five pairs - and so worth it that penny pinching me has even paid full price for them! I think two things happened that helped me taking my riding to the next level: a bike fit and these shorts. This post may seem a trifle effusive but women cyclists know the importance of a good short - your favourite chamois is definitely worth talking about and sharing. And guess what: Sugoi (and Joyviva) has a 60 day Comfort Guarantee that lets you test ride any pair of Sugoi shorts, knicker or tights risk free. There is no excuse not try them.

I ❤ chamois

It all comes down to the chamois and Sugoi has done its research and design. I have tried a few others since and they are okay but for some reason when it comes to comfort Sugoi’s Formula FX is more comfortable than most. Perhaps it’s the extra Poron foam layer under sit bones. Or maybe it’s what the company calls vibration dampening relief pads. My love of these shorts definitely has to do with its “welded center channel for pressure relief” and “V-notch for flexibility.” Regardless, these are the shorts I mention to friends who are taking their cycling beyond a neighbourhood putter and starting to build their kilometers. I can’t say it enough. I love the Sugoi chamois. My enthusiasm spread to their bib shorts too - same chamois. Plus they have created a fabric that stretches and bounces back again and again for mid-ride bathroom breaks without fully disrobing at the side of the road or grimy public bathroom. This Pit Stop 2.0 technology even has its own hashtag: #freetopee! I also love the fabric they have used on the legs. It is infused with silicone so it fits smoothly and stays in place without a tight band. Did I mention the chamois is awesome?

All-around quality

Sugoi Women's Zap Bike Jacket - Black Since I discovered Sugoi’s shorts I have been pretty much all in for their brand. I have jerseys, backpack covers, jackets, knickers - love them for indoor classes, and many other items. I find they hold up wash after wash and stay comfortable.

Cool weather kit

As time ticks on and winter comes ever closer, there are still days to head out on the road to take advantage of the cool days and golden fall light. But you need to be prepared. There are a couple of other items I pull out this time of year. In cool and warm (sometimes even hot) weather I throw on a base layer. Some are designed for hot or cool weather. Some are more universal. Regardless the style, I like how it wicks away sweat and helps moderate temperatures. Sugoi’s RS Base Layer is typical of its products. It’s women specific fit is comfortable and non-chafing. For this weather I like the flexibility of arm and leg warmers. Sugoi has created its Mid Zero fabric for these type of days. Its stretch fabric helps regulate your comfort over a range of temperatures. The streamlined cut is comfortable and allows free movement. I love the leg and knee warmers - especially by incorporating their Zap reflective technology to ensure you are seen in low-light situations. What is really cool about that, is research shows that if reflections or lights are moving a cyclist is up to 35% more visible than a static light (like on your seat tube) so you will be keeping yourself safe and warm. Mid Zero Zap is also available in arm warmers. Last but not least, let’s take a quick peek at Sugoi’s sister company: Sombrio. Originally designed for mountain bikers, I tuck a few of their items in my road cycling stash. In generally I don’t like riding in gloves. I don’t like how they can rub, I don’t like how my fingers sometimes go numb or begin to hurt. I don’t like how short gloves can start to bind if your fingers begin to swell on a long ride. Sombrio Women's Lily Gloves However, I HATE the cold. Especially cold hands and feet. Knowing this and attracted to the cheeky mustache and lips and my favourite colour - my week five-year-old picked Sombiro Lily gloves for my last birthday. These gloves are great. I don’t dread them as necessary - I choose them because they are comfortable. The women’s specific fit has cleared up the discomfort I have had from other gloves. They are cuffless for comfort and have an incorporate terry panel for those dread nose drips. All in all the only glove I will wear.

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