LivRelief is a transdermal cream brand whose flagship product is their pain relief cream. The genesis of this cream came from a need for Dr. Joseph Gabriele to find a cure for his wife's pain after a surgery. After many unsuccessful rounds of a host of different medications, and countless side effects as a result – including but not limited to rash, hypertension, and gastrointestinal problems – Dr. Gabriele took matters into his own hands.

After almost two years of painstaking research and dedication, he hit upon the right process and formula for the delivra™ transdermal delivery system. He now had a platform to bring a broad range of active ingredients into the body without the need for pills. Dr. Gabriele called his delivery system delivra™ – a non-invasive, safe, easy, natural, painless cream base – and it was a revolutionary scientific discovery in the field of transdermal delivery.

Then one night, he had an epiphany. Where do drugs come from? Many come from nature, usually plants and sometimes animals. So he tracked back and isolated molecules that already existed in nature; molecules that block certain pain pathways or deliver other beneficial effects. He searched and eventually found companies in Europe that extracted and supplied such ingredients. He used those, combined them with his delivery system, and began clinical trials, which were very successful.

And from that base, Dr. Gabriele continued his tireless work, finding new formulations and ingredients to treat a range of common ailments – and the LivRelief™ family of transdermal creams was born! Dr. Gabriele’s delivra™, the passion that created it, and the passion to help others are what drives the company to this day.