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The enVy To Go Travel Pillow is a compact version of our enVy Anti-Aging/Wellness Pillow. Like the “full figured” enVy Pillow, the enVy To Go pillow offers the same off-your-face positioning which is ideal after cosmetic procedures and reducing the sleep-wrinkles we often wake up. Its unique V- Shape patented design is taken from the core of the full size enVy pillow. The Canadian made LUXFEEL memory foam construction (which never gets firm even if temperatures drop below freezing), 100% bamboo pillow case …all ensure you’ll wake up looking and feeling rejuvenated…no matter where your travels find you.

The enVy To Go Pillow comes with:
  1. Ergonomically shaped LuxFeel memory foam (with built in neck support). This Canadian made State-of-the-Art LuxFeel Memory Foam is anti-microbial, dustmite resistant and hypoallergenic and DOES NOT become firm even when temperatures are sub-freezing!
  2. A Custom Fitted 100% Bamboo Pillow Case (washing instructions included)
  3. A Luxurious Travel bag that allows you to roll up the pillow and wrap the handy straps around it for great portability on plane, train, bus or car.
  • Ergonomic Sloped Sides are perfectly engineered to cradle and tilt your head slightly,minimizing face-to-pillow contact AND in optimal neck support and alignment
  • Central elevated pattern improves circulation by distributing weight and reducing pressure points
  • This enVy travel pillow is half the size of the Full size enVy pillow (but just as good in bed) and weights in at 1.5 lbs /14″ x11″


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