LIT Multisport Swim Cap | 100% Goes to Support Free Women’s Multisport Club!

When you purchase a LIT Multisport Swim Cap, all proceeds go to the LIT community so they can continue to provide their growing base of members (over 70 at this point) with regular runs, swims, rides and socials. The Ladies in Training, founded in Vancouver BC, is a non-profit multisport training community of women who empower and support each other in sport and in life! If you’re local, join the community for free at!

LIT Member or no, this super thought out swimming cap is going to look stunning on you. Right??


With each purchase of a LIT Multisport Swim Cap, receive a pack of Pomegranate Honey Stinger Energy Chews FREE!* You know you need these organic, tasty and carbohydrate filled little suckers on your long training rides or triathlon.

Take advantage of Expedited shipping always at $10 (free for purchases over $99), or pick up your cap directly at our office to get your shipping fee reimbursed!**

* Please claim the Free Gift on your Cart page before checkout to let us know you’d like one.

** Please include a note with your order that you’d like to pick up your cap and you will receive an email when your cap is ready to be picked up. The JoyVIVA offices are located in a shared space with 8 West Clinic, 300-1788 W Broadway, Vancouver, open M-F from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm. Your shipping fee will be refunded to the same card used for your transaction and will take a few days to process.


One Size



Usage Instructions

To avoid damaging your silicone swim cap we recommend you use the following method of fitting the cap over your head:

  • With both palms together, place the cap over your fingers. Stretch the cap open by moving your hands apart. Slide the cap down over your head. Adjust to fit comfortably.
  • Do not fit your cap by gripping the lower edge and pulling the cap down over your head. This will cause the cap to split.

To properly care for your silicone swim cap:

  • Wipe dry inside out with towel immediately after use.
  • A light sprinkle all over with talcum powder will keep cap in perfect condition.
  • Do not leave exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Avoid contact with sharp objects, e.g. hairpins.


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