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Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw One For Men

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Garden of Life Raw One Men Next Generation is a raw supplement, which means that it is produced below  115º F, but also means that these nutrients come with their natural cofactors, along with live probiotics and enzymes. Raw One Men Next generation is specially formulated to deliver the nutrition men require for meeting the demands of life;  24 fruits and vegetables add supporting antioxidants, vitamins and nutrient cofactors. Raw means no high heat, synthetic binders, fillers, artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours, or additives.

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw One For Men

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    Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw One Men Next Generation

    Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw One for Men is a convenient, once-daily formula specifically designed to meet the unique needs of men on-the-go. RAW ONE™ provides targeted delivery of the essential vitamins and minerals you need to experience extraordinary health.

    The RAW Food-Created Nutrients™ in Vitamin Code™ RAW ONE™ for Men are cultivated with their unique Co-Factors intact—some of which are known, and others which are yet to be discovered. These Co-Factors are synergistic compounds found in food and necessary for proper nutrient delivery. Implementing these Co-Factors provides the essential elements of whole foods that your body thrives upon. Vitamin Code™ RAW ONE™ for Men is uncooked, untreated and unadulterated. It is RAW, vegetarian, dairy-free and contains no binders and no fillers.


    75 caps


    • Use as a vitamin, mineral and antioxidant supplement for the maintenance of good health
    • Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and to support healthy glucose metabolism
    • Aids in red blood cell formation
    • Assists in tissue formation (including to produce and repair connective tissue) and aid in wound healing
    • Helps to maintain immune function and healthy skin
    • Aids in the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums
    • Assists in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus
    • A source of Vitamin A to help maintain eyesight, membranes and to help in the development and maintenance of night vision
    • Contains Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) to help support cardiovascular health
    • Untreated – no pesticides, chemicals or chemical preservatives used
    • Unadulterated – no binders, non-pasteurized
    • UltraZorbe™ encapsulation – no oxidation, maintains peak nutrient activity
    • Made with RAW ingredients – not heated above 45.55°C
    • Vegetarian, Dairy Free
    • With added Organic Fruits and Vegetable Blend
    • 1 UltraZorbe™ vegi-cap per da

    Usage Instructions

    Adults take 1 capsule daily. Take with food a few hours before our after taking other medications. Capsule may be opened and contents may be taken directly with water or raw juice. Not intended for children.


    24 powdered fruits and vegetables, live probiotics and enzymes

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