Organic Traditions

Organic Traditions Coconut Butter

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Organic Traditions Coconut Spread is the Most Delicious, Decadent Coconut Treat made from 100% Whole Coconut Purée.

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Organic Traditions Coconut Butter

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    Organic Traditions Coconut Butter

    Made from the meat of the coconut, Organic Traditions coconut spread is a creamy, slightly sweet and delicious spread that you can use like you would any other nut butter. Our coconuts are sourced from Sri Lanka and our spread is raw, organic and extremely versatile. Rich in lauric acid, coconut spread has the ability to boost your immunity while fighting off and destroying harmful bacteria inside the body. Because our coconut spread is made from the actual meat of the coconut, you get all of the benefits you would with coconut oil, including the healthy fats, plus a little extra fibre. Organic Coconut Spread is packed with essential amino acids, calcium and magnesium, and best of all it has a taste so decadent you'll forget you're eating something healthy.


    • 200 g
    • 500 g


    High in medium-chain fatty acids Rich in lauric acid, which boosts immunity by removing harmful bacteria from the body Boosts your metabolism Packed with essential amino acids as well as calcium and magnesium.


    100% Whole Coconut Purée

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