Our Top Helmet Safety Tips for Cyclists

We had the chance to get together with our friends, who are the founders of a women's cycling club in Vancouver, BC (WowRide Cycling) to discuss one of the most important topics amongst riders: cycling safety. One of the greatest safety tips, of course, is wearing a helmet, but what else do we need to know? Here are our top 5 helmet safety tips for cyclists, which are described in the video below. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5NX7D4XgJg&t=11s

5 Helmet Safety Tips for Cyclists

Create a routine

Establishing a routine of how you put your helmet on will eliminate mistakes made when placing the helmet on and buckling it up correctly. You can establish routines with the other aspects of biking, such as changing your tire. Willa recommends:
  • Spreading the straps
  • Place the helmet on the forehead and push it down on the back
  • Do up the straps
  • Tighten
  • Make sure the helmet doesn't slip around your head

Putting on sunglasses

A lot of people put their sunglasses on before they put their helmets on, but this is a big mistake. The helmet is designed to be close to your skin, not the arm of the sunglasses, and if this is the case, the integrity of the safety of your helmet may be diminished. Therefore, put your helmet on first, and then put your sunglasses on with the arms on the outside of your straps.

Checking helmet expiring

Yes, that's correct: helmets do expire! Check the expiry on the inside of the helmet, where there will usually be a sticker from the manufacturer. If you do get into an accident, however small, where you head is bumped, replace your helmet. A general rule of thumb is that your helmet expires after 3 years, and while there aren't rules or regulations around this, it's important to ensure you have an updated helmet for your safety on the road. Vicki recommends never purchasing a used helmet as you won't know if it's been in an accident or not.

Have a visible helmet

A helmet is one of the key indicators that will help you be seen and noticed by other drivers, riders, and pedestrians when on the road. Opt for a brightly coloured helmet or something with reflectors to aid in your visibility when on the road. Having a comfortable and safe ride should be your utmost priority when cycling, so be sure to establish your "getting ready" routine and follow these additional helmet safety tips before you head out. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for ongoing updates on health, wellness, and sports.

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