Beauty and Wellness Products That Are Strong Enough To Keep Pace With You and Your Active Lifestyle


We believe that achieving healthy, glowing skin starts from the inside out. We carry results-driven wellness products designed to help you be the healthiest version of yourself.


We have carefully selected the best medical and professional grade products to help protect and repair your skin and keep it healthy and glowing all year long.


We carry high-quality, carefully selected cosmetic products that are an extension of your skincare regime with products that don't just cover up but that are good for your skin.


JoyVIVA is a Canadian owned eCommerce shop that specializes in results-driven skincare, cosmetics, health & wellness products that have been carefully selected and tested to provide you with products powerful enough to keep pace with you and your active lifestyle

We have a limited selection of products at 8 West Clinic, our physical clinic location. If you would like to inquire about the availability of a product and to schedule a pickup, please call us at 1-844-569-8482 or Email us at orders@joyviva.ca

Where Did We Come From?

Our team of experts began multiplying after the opening of our aesthetic medicine practice, the 8 West Clinic in Vancouver BC over 10 years ago. At the clinic, we specialize in medical grade skin rejuvenation, skin care products and cosmetic surgery. Over the years, the demand for health and wellness products by our clients was undeniable. We began offering professional and medical grade health, wellness and fitness products – providing the convenience of purchasing online was our next step that came naturally. Spearheaded by Angie Buonassisi, every one of our beauty, health, and wellness efforts are backed by unyielding expertise. 

Angie's Story

Angie’s true passion is fitness and sport. Any given early morning or weekend she can be found climbing Cypress Mountain on her road bike, racing a Gran Fondo, touring the Whistler Lost Lake trails on her mountain bike, or squeezing in a spin or hot yoga class. Balancing the demands of raising a young family, running multiple businesses and finding the time to train is no small feat. Angie found that this became much easier when done with a community of like minded women and utilizing the products that encourage quicker recovery. Angie learned that so much about how she feels depends on her choices when it comes to nutrition and sports supplementation.

Whether you want to detox after a long string of seasonal parties, improve your energy levels or get to your race weight, we’ve got the high quality products you need to succeed. Trust us to deliver only the best medical and professional brands such as Metagenics, and Alora Naturals

 Whether you’re training for a marathon or just starting out, Sport Nutrition is critical to your athletic growth. Being fearlessly active is made more comfortable with our diverse range of wellness products from Protein, to Muscle, Joint and Bone Support!


You are the kind of person that takes measures to age well and our team  of medical aestheticians are here to help! We have selected the best medical and professional grade products to help protect your skin from the sun and keep your skin younger for longer. We have brands such as ZO Skin Health, SkinCeuticals, Colorescience, Neocutis and Image Skincare

Whether you are looking to treat Acne, Aging, or anything in-between - JoyVIVA is the #1 Online store for skincare.


We know you are a powerful person, that is always on the go. Your busy routine can drive you crazy sometimes, but with the right makeup you can conquer the world. We offer with exclusive brands such as Glo Skin Beauty, Jane Iredale and Ilia Beauty - many of which can only be purchased through a physician--this makeup does more than enhance your natural beauty; it protects and corrects your skin.