WOWride Cycling Team Gearing up for the RBC GranFondo Whistler

Follow Angie Buonassisi, JoyViva's founder and WOWride Domestique, as she and others speak at the WOWride launch event about why they love WOWride and it's programs. Meet some of the founders of the organization, learn about over 150 clubs that are available as well as some of their new clinics and rides. WOWride Cycling Club Co-Founder, Deb Intas, shares her amazing story on the humble beginnings of the WOWride Cycling Club for women and the success of her ultimate vision - to bring dynamic women together to ride stronger together in a safe environment. With members ranging from newbies looking to learn the ropes, to competitive athletes who enjoy challenging themselves with other like-minded women - WOWride certainly has a niche for just about everyone.

What is new this year with WOWride?

There are so many great, new things happening with WOWride this year including (but not limited to) a tire changing clinic, a nutritional clinic, an injury-free clinic, in addition to offering three rides per week with its over 100+ members.

Interview with Nick Lagasse from RBC Gran Fondo Whistler

Known as "the" north american Fondo, the RBC Gran Fondo Whistler is the only Fondo that closes an entire lane tip to tail. Beginning in the iconic Stanley Park, riders race over the Lions Gate bridge and up the scenic sea to sky highway all the way to Whistler. What is unique about the Gran Fondo Whistler is that they have the highest number of women participants in any north american Fondo, and perhaps even the world.

Interview with Erin Waugh, Executive Director at Cycling BC

Cycling BC represents over 5,000 cyclists in the province and over 150+ cycling clubs. They provide not only direction with racing but they are also there to support cycling clubs, like WOWride, in their training and development of riders.

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