Fat-Burning Zone: Tips for Lowering Your Heart Rate

Are you a runner? Are you struggling with lowering your heart rate, or want to reach your fat-burning zone faster and stay in it longer? We've got our tips for lowering your heart rate as a runner, which are actually a lot simpler than you may have previously thought.

Runner Tips for Reaching Fat-Burning Zone

Decrease your running speed

Step 1 for achieving your fat-burning zone and lowering your heart rate just the right amount is to decrease your running speed. If you are currently running an eight-minute mile, slow that down to a 10-minute mile. After you have been running for 15-20 minutes, check your pulse to gauge where you are at and adjust until you get in your fat-burning zone.

Lower your arms

Check your running stance. If you run with your arms at or above heart level, your heart rate will increase because of the greater level of exertion. Lower your arms so that they swing closer to your hips or lower to help slow your heart rate and reach the fat-burning zone.

Run on flat terrain

To best reach your fat-burning zone, avoid running routes with hills or inclines; instead, opt for an easier route with flat terrain. This will bring your overall exertion level down and lower your heart rate, as any incline will inevitably elevate the heart rate.

How to calculate your fat burning zone

  • First, find your maximum heart rate (MHR) using this formula: 206 - (88% of your age) = MHR for women.
  • Get a heart rate monitor and experiment with monitoring your heart rate while running.
  • You will reach your fat-burning zone when your heart rate is between 55% and 70% of your maximum heart rate – calculate these numbers prior to going on your run and monitor your heart rate to observe when you reach the zone.
Once you lower your heart rate to reach your fat-burning zone, you'll get a good, practical idea of what this zone feels like for you and, after time, you'll find it much easier to reach. Happy heart-rate-lowering! Shop our sports and fitness section here to get completely prepared for your fat-burning zone. find sports & fitness tools and supplements at JoyVIVA

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