Low Impact Workouts: New Techniques to Get a Sculpted Body

While we've been thinking high intensity cardio training for obtaining the lean body of our dreams, it turns out that some of the latest research reveals truth in the opposite. Apparently, there are great body benefits in low-impact workouts that work wonders on sculpting our muscles. Here's why you should drop the pace, and discover these new techniques to get a sculpted body through low impact workouts.


Why Low Impact Workouts Work

While cardio is great for those who enjoy it, and it certainly provides a number of health benefits, it isn't actually the key to getting a sculpted body. Working out in a relaxed, slow pace is key to a better, safer workout that helps you burn fat and build muscle. Low-impact workouts, like lifting heavy weights, engages the glycogen stores in our muscles, using it as energy rather than it being stored as fat by our bodies.


The Truth about Low Impact Workouts

Slow, low impact exercise isn't necessarily a walk in the park. In the opinion of many, low impact workouts are actually harder than high intensity cardio because to be effective in this method, you have to reach the point of muscle fatigue. This leads to pushing beyond your known limits, and often feeling spent afterwards. And while HIIT may seem like a great alternative to those with a lack of time on their hands, but it can leave you less muscular than before, depending on your diet. The truth remains: "You can't lose weight in five minutes a day with an otherwise sedentary existence." Source


Tips for Success with Low Impact Workouts

  • Time Under Tension (TUT): This refers to the time in which a particular muscle is under strain during a repetition. It's recommended by experts to extend this time by slowing down your motion. For example, during bicep curls, curl up for a count of four and curl down for a count of four.
  • Take your low impact outdoors: If working out indoors is too confined for your inner adventurer, take your low impact workouts outdoors with swimming, rowing, cycling, stair climbing, or yoga.
  • Get the right nutrition: In order to get the most out of your low impact sport, you need to ensure you're getting the right nutrition, protein being amongst the most important. We recommend adding a protein supplement to your diet, as well as a post-workout supplement to help repair your muscles.
With new information comes new ways of thinking and approaching our challenges. We hope that your low impact workouts will bring you closer to achieving the sculpted body you're after!

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