Travel Fitness Tips: How to Stay Active During Your Vacation

Does heading on holiday have you worried about how you’ll stay on-track with your fitness routine? While you may not have access to your habitual physical-fitness go-tos while travelling the world, we have some great travel fitness tips that will help you to stay active while experiencing new and exciting things on your vacation.

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  • Try yoga on the beach. We once took a vacation to the beautiful Hawaiian island of Honolulu and, instead of throwing in the towel on our physical activity, opted to rise at the crack of dawn and do yoga on the beach with a local instructor and a group of tourists. Not only does yoga on the beach help you to stay in the routine of rising early and getting your daily dose of exercise, it might also become one of your fondest vacation memories (especially if the sunset is as nice as the one we saw!).
  • See the sights by foot or bike. If you're a regular cyclist when you're at home, touring the city or area you're visiting by bike is the perfect way to get your exercise in while seeing the sights. We recommend looking at a local map to get a vague sense of the city's layout and talking to the concierge at your hotel to find out what bike-rental shops offer the best, day-long prices (some hotels even offer loaner bikes themselves!). If you're not a regular cyclist, be sure to talk to previous visitors or local residents, or to do some research online before you decide to see the city you're visiting by bike. If it turns out the town you're travelling to just isn't safe for untrained cyclists, opt to burn your daily calories on foot – just be sure you have comfortable shoes on!
  • Go for an evening jog. If you're travelling during high season or summer, long days of sightseeing can get exhausting and hot. That's why it's a great idea to wait until the sun starts to set and the city streets start to cool off before going for your jog. Do a quick map review or download a smartphone app to see what local running route is the best, then hit the streets with a good playlist.
  • Do in-room workouts in the morning. Not all great workouts require a machine or distance of space; opt to get your cardio in by sightseeing on foot or bike (see above), adding a full-body workout that can be done right in your hotel room each morning before you head out for the day. One of our favourite no-equipment workouts includes reps of sit-ups, pushups and squats. For something a little more blood-pumping, add in reps of burpees.
  • Make use of your hotel fitness room or gym. One of the most obvious and yet underutilized travel fitness tips is to simply make use of the fitness room in your hotel. In order to make this possible, be sure you create an in-transit routine that will allow for a minimum of 30 minutes in the gym. We recommend rising a bit earlier to ensure this happens.
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