We found by sourcing high quality organic ingredients, we didn’t need to add sugar and artificial fillers. By micro-grinding the blends, they were more versatile in uses and it increased the availability of health benefits. We decided to offer caffeine-free options to encourage taking a moment to sit and sip and practice self-care at any time of day. Our mission is to provide easy to use alternatives with ingredients that elevate proven superfoods into blends that are delicious and specially formulated for wellness journeys both physical and mental.

Beyond healthy living, Blume has allowed us to live more vibrantly and creatively, and we want to support that in our community as well. Blume’s name refers to that moment when a flower is most vulnerable and about to transition into the next phase of life. We hope to support others in their journey and to take the work out of leading a healthy and balanced life by providing thoughtful nutrition that supports your body and mind.

Blume Mint Cocoa