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Glo Skin Beauty 305 Crease Shader

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Create depth and dimension to the contour of the eye.

Glo Skin Beauty 305 Crease Shader

  • Description

    Glo Skin Beauty 305 Crease Shader

    The Glo Skin Beauty 305 Crease Shader is a top-quality makeup brush that helps you achieve a flawless and professional eye makeup look. This brush features soft, tapered bristles that are densely packed to effortlessly blend and shade eye shadow in the crease.

    The tapered shape of the brush head allows for precise application and blending of eye shadow in the crease, creating a seamless and natural-looking transition between colors. The synthetic bristles are soft and gentle on the skin, ensuring that your makeup application is comfortable and enjoyable.

    The ergonomic handle of the Glo Skin Beauty 305 Crease Shader is designed for comfortable and easy use, and its sleek and professional design looks great in any makeup kit. The synthetic bristles are also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that you can enjoy using this brush for a long time.

    This crease shader brush is perfect for creating a variety of eye makeup looks, from natural and understated to dramatic and bold. It's an excellent tool for blending and shading eye shadow, and is an essential component of any makeup enthusiast's collection.

    Whether you're a professional makeup artist or a makeup enthusiast, the Glo Skin Beauty 305 Crease Shader is a must-have tool for achieving flawless and professional-looking eye makeup. With this brush, you can effortlessly create stunning and flawless eye makeup looks that will turn heads.

    Usage Instructions

    In the crease of the use, which you can find right under the eye bone, use little windshield wiper motions and blend out till smooth

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