5 Cycling Technique Tips for Female Riders

When it comes to going the length on your bike, it's not just about getting from point A to B. The smallest adjustments in placement and movement can end up making the biggest difference for your cycle. Shape up on the small details and find the greatest benefits for your ride. Here are 5 cycling technique tips which are especially beneficial for female riders.

5 Cycling Technique Tips

Eat and Drink Often on the Bike

You can very rarely drink too much water, but not having enough can hinder or even kill your ride. Be sure to keep your reserves up by eating and drinking on the bike regularly. We recommend drinking a bottle of water an hour, and adding a tablet of Precision Hydration to replenish your lost electrolytes quicker. When it comes to food, eat your solid foods earlier on in your longer rides and your bars and gels later in the ride.

Adjust the Position of Your Saddle

This is the most important point to improve your comfort during your ride and increase your longevity. Adjust your saddle to be flat or slightly up to keep you from sliding forward during your ride and allow for the greatest support. Adjusting the saddle from a downward position will alleviate the pressure on your hands, neck, and back.

Change Your Hand Position Every Few Minutes

Changing your hand position regularly will help you to practice in producing power during the drops, on the hoods, and on the tops. This small practice ensures you are able to adapt neuromuscularly and allows you to produce the necessary power when getting through a headwind or encountering a steep hill.

Wrap Your Thumbs

Especially if you ride with your hands on the tops of the bars, always ensure you wrap your thumbs for additional grip. This small adjustment can be the differentiating factor when it comes to the possibility of slipping off your bars at the worst time.

Pedal with Flat Feet

Avoiding toes down, be sure to pedal with flat feet to slightly heels down, toes towards the sky. With your feet flat or slightly pointing up, you'll be able to increase your power band by starting your push at 10 o'clock instead of 1 o'clock. This technique is very difficult to accomplish with your toes pointing down, as you'll unlikely be able to start pushing before the pedals reach 12 o'clock. There you have it: just a handful of small cycling technique tips that will make the greatest difference in your ride – and how you feel during it.

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