GranFondo Whistler 2017: Tips for Preparing for Your GranFondo

If you're an avid road cyclist, then you're likely in the know about the GranFondo Whistler 2017 event. Taking part in this beautiful group cycle, but want to prepare yourself adequately? Here's all the information you need to sign up for and succeed at GranFondo Whistler 2017.

RBC GranFondo Whistler 2017, September 9

Happening on September 9, 2017, the annual GranFondo event is put on by RBC and held along one of the most beautiful of British Columbia routes: Vancouver to Whistler! The Sea-to-Sky Highway presents more than 122 kilometres of winding mountain road and beautiful ocean views. After, there are plenty of celebrations and family friendly events to enjoy, as well as bike transportation back to Vancouver. Check the Whistler website for full GranFondo schedules and registration details.

Preparing for your first GranFondo

Interested in partaking in the Whistler GranFondo event this year, but not sure your skills will suffice? Take a look at these clinics that will help you prepare for your first (or one of your first) GranFondos:
  • My FirstFondo: This 12-week program starts on June 13 and is designed to get you Fondo ready if you've never done a GranFondo before. This is the perfect program for those who are new to riding or getting back on the road after taking some time off. This course will teach you the basic riding skills to prepare you, both physically and mentally, for the RBC GranFondo Whistler 2017 event. Sign up for My FirstFondo and get a discount on GranFondo Whistler!
  • My NextFondo: This is also a 12-week program consisting of 90-minute guided sessions that cover the same basic content as the FirstFondo clinic, but in a more intense manner at and a faster pace. This is the perfect clinic for those still at the beginner level of cycling wanting to prepare for the Whistler GranFondo, but wanting to do so at a quicker pace. Sign up for NextFondo now.

Other ways to be GranFondo ready

  • Sign up for your GranFondo as a group or with a partner – don't do it alone!
  • Make use of the Burnaby Velodrome Club's many open cycling and race events to prepare for high RPMs and get great control of your bike.
  • Get the right equipment and make sure you have a bike you are comfortable with. Consider attending the Vancouver Bike Show on March 4 and 5 to gather information, look at new equipment/bikes and talk to professionals and other avid cyclists.
With so much time before you to prepare, there's no reason why this year's GranFondo won't be your very best – even if it's your very first!

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