The Morning After: Try These 5 Natural Hangover Remedies

Waking up with a hangover is far from the best way to start your day. And while it might seem virtually impossible to avoid a hangover (especially as you get older), there are plenty of ways you can address your headache and post-fun night pain in a completely natural way. Try these 5 natural hangover remedies to cure your morning-after aches.
    1. Sweat it out: Did you know that getting a good exercise session in is one of the best ways to battle your hangover? While we don't recommend running a marathon or undergoing an intense HIIT session the morning after a night out, the endorphins released as you break a sweat can do wonders for curing your aches and pains. Exercise also helps to excrete toxins from alcohol and gets your blood moving for more alertness.
    2. Hydrate with Precision Hydration or coconut water: If even just a couple of drinks has you feeling pained the next day, you may be suffering from simple dehydration. The ultimate cure for this is to rehydrate yourself faster, adding electrolytes back into your system. You can best achieve this by drinking coconut water or adding Precision Hydration to your water the day after your night out. Better yet: have a glass of water with Precision Hydration before you go to bed (next time).
    3. Have ginger for your nausea: Whether you prefer to add fresh ginger to your tea, chew on a piece or take a liquid shot, ginger is your curing ingredient for the nausea that can come along with a hangover. The root has been used as a natural nausea remedy for centuries, and it can do wonders for getting you back to feeling like your normal self.
    4. Use tiger balm for your headache: While waking up with a pounding headache is one of the worst symptoms of a bad hangover, it can be cured quite easily – and naturally – with just a touch of tiger balm. Made from menthol, clove oil and camphor, simply rub a bit on your temples and the back of your neck to promote blood flow to the area and, almost immediately, relieve headache pain.
    5. Make a hangover smoothie: Make yourself a nutrient-packed hangover smoothie with spirulina powder, bananas, spinach or kale, and Greek yogurt. All of these ingredients are easy on your stomach, will replenish your electrolytes to rehydrate and can help boost your energy for the day.
We hope these natural hangover remedies, some of which have been used for centuries by various cultures, will help you beat your hangover today, and forever. Consider using some of them on the regular to completely avoid hangovers altogether.

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