AOR (Advanced Orthomolecular Research) strives to transform health through natural, personalized, and therapeutic care. It remains committed to helping others with effective health solutions and trustworthy information while catalyzing changes and challenging conventions through continuous innovation.

Dr. Traj Nibber, PhD opened the doors to his compounding pharmacy in Smith’s Falls, Ontario in 1988, at a time when compounding pharmacies were rare. Not long after, he was approached by three practitioners of Nutritional Medicine who were ahead of their time in demanding “clean”, therapeutic grade nutritional supplements free of binders, fillers and unnecessary ingredients. By 1991, Dr. Nibber’s reputation as an “alternative” compound therapist was established to the point that a group of AIDS patients sought his assistance in maximizing the quality and duration of their lives. For four years, he compounded medicines free of charge for these patients, further establishing his mission of improving the health of others, a mission that involved committed research and perseverance.

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