Safe Cycling Tips: 14 Things You Must Do for Road Safety

As a cyclist, you have to be aware of all the possible dangers on the road to make sure you are as safe as possible. Luckily, most of these safety concerns are within your own control. Here, we are compiling our top cycling tips for the best road safety. Which we featured in the following video with Willa and Vicki, the co-founders of WowRide Cycling Club


14 things you must do for road safety:

1. Know the rules of the road

From traffic laws to stop signs and lights, knowing the rules of the road is probably one of the most important points to having a safe ride.


2. Learn to ride in a group

Because cycling is a group sport that requires you to be amongst cars, you must learn to ride safely within a group, being aware of the people, tires, and potential dangers around you.


3. Ride in a group with good leaders

Ensure you have good leaders within your group, that know where you are going and know how to get you safely to your destination and back.


4. Share the road

Make sure you share the road with cars, pedestrians, other bikers, other clubs, and even animals (like your dog!), and expect that you will encounter each of these on your ride.


5. Wear a helmet

Make sure that you have a properly-fitting helmet and that you are wearing it correctly at all times when on your bike, even if it messes up your hair!


6. Wear sunglasses or clear glasses for eye protection

Even when it isn't sunny out, make sure you are wearing glasses to protect your eyes from pieces that might come up from the road or that might be flying through the air. Wear sunglasses with good-coverage like Ryders Eyewear.


7. Know your bike

You must know how to ride and adjust your bike, but you must also know how to maintain your bike to ensure you are getting the safest ride.


8. Have a well-fitted kit

Kits aren't just to look cool when you're riding, they are meant for safety purposes too, so make sure you have one that is fitted properly and is visible.


9. Know what to carry in your pack

From nutrition and staying hydrated, make sure you know what to take with you on a ride, which includes tools to change a tire and keep your bike rolling safely.


10. Know how to change your own tire

Don't know how to change your tire? Make certain that you learn how before you go out on your next big ride. This is essential to safe riding.


11. Have sunscreen and keep reapplying

Make sure you carry sunscreen with you – and be sure to check the expiration date before leaving the house! It's usually not sufficient to just apply once before your ride, because of the duration and the perspiration you are bound to encounter, so be sure to reapply as you go. Wear a quality sunscreen like ZO Skin Health Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50.

12. Nutrition!

Before your bike ride, during your bike ride, and after your bike ride, be sure you are getting the proper nutrition so that you are at your most alert and strongest.

13. Practice proper hydration techniques

There's a lot more science to staying hydrated than you might think, so take extra measures like using Nuun Sport to add electrolytes back into your system quickly.

14. No earphones, no cross-tires, no using your phones

There are a lot of simple "no's" when it comes to cycling. Things that you should totally avoid when cycling (that would otherwise be a distraction or put you in danger of a crash) including wearing earphone or earbuds, using your phone while riding, and never crossing the wheel of the person in front of you with your tire. There you have it: 14 ways to be safer on the road, each of which is entirely within your control! Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel to watch our next video.

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