The Best Vitamins and Minerals for Endurance Athletes

Proper nutrition for endurance athletes means a lot more than just considering your carb, fat, and protein intake: it means contemplating whether you are getting the right amounts of the most critical vitamins and minerals. As an athlete, an abundance of the following vitamins and minerals are scientifically proven to boost not only how you feel, but how you perform as well.

Vitamins for Top Endurance Athletes

  • Vitamin C: In addition to helping your body produce white blood cells to fight off antibodies, the antioxidant properties of Vitamin C aid endurance athletes tremendously in the repair of inflammation so common in heavy training. This vitamin also assists in red blood cell production by boosting the absorption of iron and folate, bringing oxygen to the muscles. Shop Vitamin C here.
  • Vitamin D: When natural sunlight isn't as readily available in helping your body produce vitamin D, take a supplement to ensure you are avoiding the dreaded vitamin D deficiency symptoms of weakness and a lack of energy.
  • Vitamin B12: A lack of Vitamin B12 can lead to anemia, which is a deficiency of red blood cells that makes you feel tired and weak. Since an abundance of red blood cells is so important for athletes, B12 is high on the list of necessary vitamins. Shop Vitamin B12 here.

Top Endurance Athlete Minerals

  • Zinc: Low-fat, high carb diets consistent in endurance athletes, can put you at risk of developing a zinc deficiency, which zaps your endurance and energy. Recent research by the United States department of agriculture found that a lower intake of zinc decreases the oxygen uptake in cyclists, leading them to fatigue faster.
  • Potassium: Important for the proper functioning of all cells, there's a particular reason why you should reach for a banana when crossing the finish-line: potassium helps zap muscle cramps and quickens recovery. It also plays a significant role in balancing water content throughout the body.
  • Iron: Considered an essential mineral because it is used to create hemoglobin, a part of blood cells that helps them carry oxygen to the muscles, iron is especially important for endurance athletes. Why? An hour of working out could deplete 5.7 percent of your iron stores. Shop iron here.
Boost up your vitamin and mineral intake, and watch as your world as an endurance athlete follows suit – both in measurable performance and your inner feeling.

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