How To Prepare for Your Next Big Bike Ride

Performance isn't just in the moment – it's got much more to do with preparation than anything else. And you don't have to be a professional to have the right training techniques. So, how should a cyclist like you prepare for your next big ride? We got together with our friends from the WowRide Cycling Club to discuss our best cyclist preparation tips, as cyclists for cyclists. 

Cyclist Preparation Tips

  • Start with the end in mind. What is your end goal? Making up your mind and connecting to your end goal with a belief is the first step to your preparations. Though this activity has everything to do with the mind, it may be the one most essential starting point in preparing yourself for a successful ride.
  • Work backwards. Starting with the end in mind and working backwards, you'll be able to break your massive goal down into smaller pieces, from week to week or month to month, allowing you to prepare adequately.
  • Get connected with your community. There's no better time to get involved with your local biking community than when you are preparing for an upcoming cycle. There are many training groups that you can involve yourself in for preparation. If you are in the Vancouver area, we recommend looking to WowRide Cycling for all your community support and preparation support.
  • Have the family support and plan around your schedule. If you have a family, ensure that you have the support to allow you to getaway for your next big ride, or perhaps plan ahead for your entire cycling calendar for the season.
  • Sign up and commit. You won't feel motivated enough to prepare for next big cycle until you commit by physically signing up! Just do it, it will be the best kick starter for your preparations.

Fuelling and Nutrition

  • Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is uber important when it comes to your big race, both before and during your ride. We highly recommend adding Electrolyte tablet like Nuun Sport to your water to ensure you are replenishing your electrolytes quickly.
  • Slim down of caffeine and sugar. If you're big on caffeine and sugar, it might be better for your energy levels during your big race to start slimming down on caffeine and sugar a week or so in advance of your ride. This way, you can avoid feeling any energy drops or withdrawal symptoms (like bad headaches!) during your ride.
  • Consider a preparation cleanse. A high-quality cleanse can be beneficial before undergoing a body transformation or a period of intense exercise, like a training period before a big ride. We'd recommend discussing this with your health practitioner, but we've had marvellous success with Metagenics Clear Change Cleanse.
We know that you will do wonders on your next big ride, and following these cyclist preparation steps will make the biggest difference in your confidence levels. Happy preparation! Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more insightful videos!

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