JoyVIVA Product Champions featuring Bulletproof

Bulletproof is more than just a brand that we love and consider to be one of our "Product Champions", it is truly a lifestyle. There are so many reasons why you would benefit from marking the switch to the Bulletproof system, and we are going to outline a few of those for you.

What is unique about Bulletproof?

What makes Bulletproof so unique is it's incorporation of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT's) oils into your diet. MCT is a form of saturated fatty acid that has numerous health benefits ranging from improved cognitive function to increased metabolic function. The great thing about MCT is that it is an extremely concentrated form of coconut oil. It is easily digested by the body and goes straight to your liver, providing an immediate source of energy.

Why should you make the switch to Bulletproof?

  • Improved mental clarity and cognitive function
  • Increased metabolic effect that assists in weight loss
  • Natural, long lasting boost of energy that maintains itself throughout the day

Which MCT is Right for You?

Bulletproof Brain Octane Bulletproof Brain Octane
Both the Bulletproof Brain Octane as well as the Bulletproof XCT Oil are amazing sources of MCT oil that can be used in your Bulletproof coffee regime. The best way to decide which type of MCT oil is going to be right for you, is to first decide what your main objective is. Is your primary concern an improvement in your mental clarity? Brain Octane contains only the finest medium chain fatty acid source and provides a significant improvement in cognitive functions, as well as a small increase in metabolic effects.
Bulletproof Bulletproof XCT Oil Bulletproof Bulletproof XCT Oil
If you are more interested in using Bulletproof for the weight loss aspect, then XCT oil will be best for you as it's main function is an increased metabolic effect, while still providing some of the improved cognitive benefits.

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