Mountain Season: Tips for Preparing for a Hike

Mountain season is before us – are you preparing for a hike? To have a safe and successful climb, we are discussing all the best tips on getting yourself ready to scale your chosen mountain, whether a beginner or advanced level. You can never be too prepared for an excellent hike, so be sure you do the following before starting your climb.

Tips for Preparing for a Hike:

Research the trail

The more you know, the more you'll glow (on the trail, that is!). Be sure to do some solid research on your upcoming hike, but don't just read the paragraph offered on the official website. Read reviews from other climbers, look at photos, and perhaps even scour Instagram's geotag search option to see some of the most recent photos and videos. This should give you an honest, realistic, and up-to-date idea of your chosen trail's level of difficulty. We love this article from Boot Bomb on the Top 50 Long Distance Hiking Trails In The US.

Be physically prepared to hike

Stair-climbing, jogging, and cycling are all great ways to get yourself physically prepared for a hike, as these activities work your respiratory system and get your legs strong. To ensure you are mentally prepared, we recommend practicing yoga, meditation, and other relaxation techniques in the days before your big climb.

Wear the right gear

Will it be raining on your hike? Though it may seem like a dry day on ground level, you can never be too careful about weather conditions along your trek, so be sure to wear or bring along rain gear and an extra set of clothes. Also ensure you have the right pack that fits all of your necessities, like your extra water and helmet. We highly recommend shopping our Evoc collection – these backpacks are made for athletes by athletes, and it shows!

Pack the right necessities

With the right pack, you won't have trouble packing all the essentials you need to keep you safe on your hike. Some of these necessities include:
  • Extra Food and Water. We recommend taking with you high-nutrition value sports bars, like Clif Bars.
  • Precision Hydration. This is a great high-performance product that you can add to your packed water, giving it extra hydration qualities that instantly replace lost electrolytes.
  • Headlamp
  • Extra Clothing / Rain Gear
  • First Aid Kit and whistle
  • Knife
  • Matches or Lighter
There you have it: just a few simple tips that will get you to your mountain with more gusto and enthusiasm than you've felt in a long time. Happy climbing!

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