How to Choose the right Protein Powder

Cruising the protein page of a website or the aisles of a store are intimidating. There are rows upon rows of options - all in similar smooth tubs. Choosing where to start can feel overwhelming. Breaking down your goals and asking yourself a few questions will help you find the right protein for you.


What is Protein?

Protein is a macronutrient used to build muscles and tissues in your body. It makes up about 15% of your mass. It is key to making new cells. Nutritionally it is a quick option to fill your body with nutrition when you want to build muscle, lose weight, improve sports performance and for many other reasons. Protein is found in whole foods and in a variety of food derived powders and supplements. There are a number of different kinds of protein: soy, casein, pea, whey, hemp… and many, many more. 


Why are you considering protein?

Sometimes it seems that adding protein is what “everyone” is doing. If you are health conscious or an athlete, protein is one of those musts. But it doesn’t take long to realize few people have sat down and carefully considered their goals.


Are you trying to build muscle?

Metagenics Perfect Protein Whey

 If you are at the stage in your fitness plan where your goal is to build muscle you want to find a protein powder that is calorically dense and has both fat and carbohydrates. Consider Metagenics Perfect Protein Whey for just after a workout to maximize amino acid and glucose release in your body. To supplement your workout mid-day go with a protein supplement geared more to meal replacement like Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein which is a certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified RAW Vegan Protein powder made with 13 Raw sprouted proteins.

Are you trying to lose weight?

If your goal is to get lean and lose weight you need to consider calories and 100% protein or very, very low in carbs. Typically this is a powder that is 90-110 calories and has 22-26 grams of protein per serving. Consider Metagenics BioPure. This type of protein does not have a full spectrum of nutrition and should be paired with a diverse diet.


Do you have any diet restrictions?

There are numerous source of protein. Choosing one that fits your dietary restrictions is easy. If you are vegan or dairy-restrictive look for sources of protein from soy, peas or hemp.

Want protein AND fiber? 

Hemp Yeah! Balanced Protein + Fiber contains 15g of protein and 8g of fiber per serving in this powerhouse plant-based protein powder. It is unsweetened, making it a versatile choice for a boost in smoothies and for baking your favourite cupcakes, muffins, pancakes and more.


Make it routine

Whatever your goals you want to aim for 15 to 45 grams of high quality protein every few hours throughout the day. There isn’t enough research out there to definitively determine which kind of protein which kind of athlete should use. Choose flavours you like and fit with your lifestyle. If you are on the go, find protein that mixes with water not milk. Choose unflavoured if you like to add protein to your smoothie and want it to mix seamlessly with your fruit and veggie flavours.

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