Boost Your Beauty: 5 Ways to Battle the Harsh Weather this Winter

Attention all active women: with winter's dry air and plunging temperatures upon us, it's time to give our beauty regimes a seasonal boost. Here, five ways to adjust your skin care and beauty routine so you can get through the colder months looking and feeling good:

1. Say goodbye to dark circles

Just because it's dark outside when you wake up doesn't mean you have to carry similar-coloured bags under your eyes all day long. Battle dark bags with an under-eye-specific concealer, like

Glo Skin Beauty Concealer Under Eye, to improve dark circles and hyperpigmentation.

2. Rehydrate with a good moisturizer

Dry winter air often results in skin that's a far cry from the dewy, naturally moisturized complexion you enjoyed all summer. Rehydrate your epidermis with a good moisturizer specific to dehydrated skin, like 

SkinCeuticals Emollience, formulated with an exclusive combination of natural extracts and essential oils 

making it a rich, restorative face moisturizer for dry skin and sensitive skin types.

3. Keep the blood flowing with regular activity

While winter presents new challenges when it comes to enjoying outdoor sports like cycling and running, maintaining regular physical activity will keep your blood flowing and help rid your system of harmful, unhealthy toxins.

4. Use texturizing hair products

Cold winter temperatures have a tendency to pull the shine and volume right out of hair, so look for a hydrating hair product to help infuse summer-like life back into your locks.

5. Set your makeup with a hydration mist

When a good moisturizer isn't enough to combat harsh winter conditions, you may find that your makeup appears dry and cakey on your skin. Battle this with Glo Skin Beauty Hydration Mist, which instantly hydrates and soothes skin while simultaneously acting as the final step to your makeup regime. There you have it: five secrets to success when it comes to your winter skin-care and beauty regime.

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