5 Ways Yoga Can Help with Your Cross Training

Looking for a way to improve your cross-training this season? Preparing for a marathon, or just in the mood to become your strongest, fittest self? Whether you are a runner or other kind of athlete, cross training as you know is an effective way to build strength and endurance for your main sport while avoiding repetition-based injuries. Here are 5 ways yoga cross training can help you find your zen while still getting stronger.


1. Yoga cross training is a great relaxation tool

As in many parts of life, the strength of your mind is equally as important as the strength of your muscles when it comes to achieving your highest physical performance. Yoga as a cross training supplement activity is ideal for achieving relaxation, focus, and strengthening the mind through the meditative qualities the activity inherently presents.


2. Yoga is a low-impact activity

If you are a runner, your knees and ankles will remind you quite frequently of the impact involves with running on pavement. Yoga is naturally a low-impact activity that can give your knees and ankles a rest while continuing to strengthen your core muscles. Great for balance, focus, and stretching, yoga provides a healthy alternative to your chosen high-impact sport.


3. Yoga will help you utilize your breath

As a runner, you know how important proper breathing is for your longevity, and yoga is the perfect cross training activity to help harness this quality. Always focusing on breathing in sync with the movements and poses, yoga teaches us the meditative power involves in simple, full inhales and exhales coordinated with our motions.


4. There are many different kinds of yoga

Another benefit of yoga for cross training? There are many different kinds of yoga for you to choose from. Feeling stiff? Perhaps try a yin class for deep, long stretches. Feeling chilly? Consider a hot yoga class for a good sweat and warm-up of your core temperature. Feeling up for a challenge? Try quicker-paced Vinyasa or strengthening Power yoga.


5. Yoga is a comfortable, indoor alternative for the winter

It's no doubt that winter presents all kinds of new challenges when it comes to training as an athlete, so it's always a nice alternative to have an indoor activity to enjoy when the weather is particularly ugly. Yoga provides that comfortable, indoor alternative for those cold, wet winter days. Ready to start your yoga cross training? We congratulate you! Namaste!

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