Great Vancouver Indoor Workouts for the Winter Season

Vancouver is one of the prettiest cities and most explorative when it comes to outdoor workouts. With the seawall, the endless hikes, and the beautiful scenery beckoning, getting your regular dose of exercise is the best part of your day. But what about when the weather turns for the worst, like right now? Don't worry, we have a list of Vancouver indoor workouts to try over the winter season.

Best Vancouver Indoor Workouts

Method Indoor Cycling

With locations in Kitsilano and West Vancouver, Method Indoor Cycling is your ideal indoor cycling class regardless of which shore you hail from. Method's spin classes involve 60-minutes of high energy, highly efficient workouts. With a range of instructors to handle beginners to elite athletes, we love how each class takes you through an incredible workout to improve both your fitness level and your technique. Prepare to get your blood rushing and your sweat dripping!

Tag Cycling

TaG Cycling is another blood-thumping option for indoor cycling in Vancouver, with locations in North Vancouver, Vancouver, and Whistler. Surely one of the best Vancouver indoor workouts, TaG cycling classes have been formulated from the personal workouts archives on the journey to 4 Olympic Appearances, and many World Championships. Developed with input from coaching mentors and Olympic Cycling Coaches, these classes range from 50-90 minutes, depending on the level you choose.

Barre Fitness

You don't have to be a professional ballerina to have some fun in the dance studio – but better yet, why not turn this into a regular exercise? With Barre Fitness, you can enjoy a unique regime of ballet, pilates, strength and flexibility training in a variety of different classes. Located in Yaletown, we recommend opting for a one-hour beginner's Barre Fitness class and moving up the "barre" from there.

AntiGravity Aerial Yoga

Ready to up your yoga game, but not sure what to try next? Not a fan of Bikram yoga, but still want to sweat? We recommend trying the highly unique AntiGravity aerial yoga, a suspended form of yoga with trademarked techniques, which is currently being offered at Steve Nash in Downtown Vancouver. As it turns out, there are just as many Vancouver indoor workouts to drool over as there is outdoor scenery, trails, and hikes. Enjoy your winter season and keep active with these indoor workouts in your neighbourhood, plus shop our sports and fitness accessories to get your well-prepared.

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