The perfect cleanse for fall

Fall always feels like the start of something. Maybe it is all those years we trudge off to school in September. It seems like western culture isn’t the only one that sees the connection of fall and renewal. For thousands of years Ayurveda traditions have linked preparing to the body for the seasons ahead - typically in spring and fall. A fall cleanse is associated with preparing the body for the trials of winter.

The history

Ayurveda (/ˌaɪ.ərˈveɪdə/;<1> is a system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent.<2> Globalized and modernized practices derived from Ayurveda traditions are a type of complementary or alternative medicine.<3><4> In countries beyond India, Ayurveda therapies and practices have been integrated in general wellness applications and in some cases in medical use. (from Wikipedia)
The world’s most prominent Ayurvedic promoter and medical doctor Deepak Chopra describes Ayurvedic medicine as “More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge). It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vibrant and healthy while realizing their full human potential. The two main guiding principles of Ayurveda are 1) the mind and the body are inextricably connected, and 2) nothing has more power to heal and transform the body than the mind.”

The science-based cleanse

The west is becoming more aware of the links between the mind and body, especially as more people practice meditation and yoga. Similarly, western medicine is slowly learning of the ties between gut health and overall well-being. As winter approaches one company has brought many of these ideas together in a science-based cleanse - perfect for fall. Metagenics has created a cleanse to restore good gut bacteria and clean out internal organs while supporting the physical cleanse with mental reflection and practical recipe support. Metagenics-Clear-Change®-10-Day-Program-with-UltraClear®-RENEW Throughout the year our bodies are exposed to countless chemicals. While our bodies resist many, others are absorbed. Some are environmental, others are in our food. The Metagenics Clear Change 10 Day Program focuses on clean eating, with nutritional and protein support to prevent some of the damaging aspects of juice cleanses like muscle-wasting and fatigue. Some popular trends call for cleanses multiple times a year - and if they aren’t done properly there are long-term consequences for our physical body, health and even mental functioning. It is a misconception that detoxing the body requires fasting of some kind. The Clear Change Program is founded on research to enhance the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process while providing adequate fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities–supporting energy metabolism and overall well-being.

The program

Metagenics UltraClear RENEW The Clear Change program has three core aspects. Metagenics UltraClear RENEW – an advanced, specialized nutritional powder mix formulated for metabolic detoxification, including support for alkalinization, balanced liver detoxification capacity, and heavy metal metabolism; Metagenics AdvaClear – supports balanced metabolic detoxification activity and provides antioxidant protection against reactive oxygen intermediates produced during the detoxification process; and its nutritional plan complete with menus. There is also a journal included to help track the mental challenges and changes that accompany a cleanse. The fall is a perfect time to targeting optimum gut health. Research has found that up to 80% of immunity is linked to the gut. By doing a cleanse now it will help good gut bacteria flourish through the winter months when our bodies are facing the largest immunity challenges of cold and flu. Other research links gut health to mood. Some brain chemicals are made in the gut - if the bacteria are happy there is research that support a better mood through the doldrums of winter.

Don't go hungry

The 10-day program is for anyone who wants to give their body a “cleaning” or somebody who eats a reasonably healthy diet, exercises regularly, and manages stress adequately. It can be safely followed two to three times a year. And it won’t leave you tired, hungry and unable to complete the obligations for your day. It’s focus on clean eating follows menus like this example, along with its nutritional supports:

Day 1: Sample Menu

  • Breakfast: Gluten-free oatmeal with almond, coconut, or rice milk—topped with fresh organic berries of choice.
  • Lunch: Hummus and rice cakes with cherry tomatoes and avocado slices and Minestrone Soup.
  • Dinner: Mixed veggie stir-fry with brown rice and broiled salmon (or without); mixed green salad dressed with oil and vinegar
  • Snacks: Nuts, fruits, raw vegetables, coconut yogurt, rice cakes with almond butter
There are detailed recipes and shopping lists available to help nudge you to success. As well as the option to view a webinar of the cleanse itself.

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